To Say Goodbye
The Search
The Search (tape)
Gothic Magazin #53
Refraktor #39
Modern Entertainment Vol. 6
Sonic Seducer Vol. 38
Take Off Music III
Gothicworld Sampler
Listen: Grenzwellen
Der Rat der Grauen
Cerebral Music Vol. 1
Remixes etc.
Remix of the song Suffer by
Reptyle, released on the sampler
United Forces of Phoenix (2007)
Remix of the song Winterblut by
Xotox, to be released on
Dokumentation I: Ton (4/2006).
Remix of the song Endlose Wege by
Infernosounds, released on
I Feel (02/2006).
Remix of the song Geil by
Kombi-Nat, not yet released (2005)
Remix of the song Amnesia by
Spiritual Reality, released on
EP in 2002.
Remix of the song Niemand Kennt Den Tod
by Erben der Schöpfung / ELIS,
unreleased (2001).
Remix of the song Elis by
Erben der Schöpfung / ELIS , released on
MCD in 2001.
Our version of Weltenbrand's track
The Fiddler, released on their album
"In Gottes oder des Teufels Namen" (2001).
Remixes of Spiritual Cramp songs
Remix of the song Phoenix by DJ Team
A&A Music
, not yet released (2006)
Outside "Outsider-Remix" by
Law Of The Dawn
Raven "Clubmix" by
Massiv In Mensch
Phoenix remixed by
released on their album
EBM is not dead (2005).
The Witch remix by
Erben der Schöpfung / Elis
released on
To Say Goodbye (2004).
Raven remix by
Spiritual Reality
released on
Take Off Music III (2002)