Take Off Music III

CD 1
Sharon Next -Modomatic / Second Chance
No Comment -Back in the 80s
Dynastie -Hard Men of Steel
Das Schwarze System -Deine Seele (Soul Managing Edit)
Spiritual Cramp -Raven (Remix by Spiritual Reality)
Plastic -Being Boiled
Emotional Violence -Feel the Fate
Obsc(y)re -Follow me
head-less -Einwegpassagier (T.O.M. Mix)
Distorted Reality -You want me,you hate me
Megadump -Lache nur !
Hungry Lucy -Stretch
Regenerator -Shores of forever (Prime Ordeal Mix)
Aiboforcen -Twilight World
Wave in Head -With you
Redland -My Delusion
Toxic'n Blue -But not tonight
CD 2
Schandtat Mensch -Zeitgeist
Funker Vogt -Gun Man (album version)
Stendal Blast -Ohne Gnade
Tagismâr -Das Fest
Trace Evidence -Illusion 2002
Plastic Noise Experience -Energie
Mnemonic -Human Fragments
Nuclear Device -Nuclear Device
Anubis -Körper aus Glas
Mission Ranseier -Screaming Walls (Frontal Mix)
Exilanation -1000 Beats
In Coma -Acid Team (rmx by Exilanation)
Zhark -Deus ex Machina
Graphik Magazin -Fernsehen der Nacht (TV Mix)
Nachzehrer -Devils Kiss (Club Mix)
Echelon -Resignation
Sharon Next -Subculture